Uniqua is the main character in the backyardigans franchise, as well as the goddess of life, death, and opposites.


Uniqua is an extremely ambitious person. While there may be obstacles in her path, she is always determined to stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Despite her reign as the god of death, she is actually the most merciful of the three backyardigans. She is kind and caring enough to risk her life in order to save mankind, as well as her loved ones. However, when her loved ones are harmed she can lose her temper and start to act less composed.


Uniqua is a thin pink bug-like creature who is entirely pink except for her scars wings and eyes. Uniqua has grey scars across her face, and along the stump of her missing arm. She also posseses bright blue bug-like wings, and equally bright blue eyes

Powers and Abilities

Because of her countless journeys, Uniqua has many more powers than Pablo and Tyrone. Uniqua has the ability to manipulate souls so that when a being dies she can transport its soul into another living being. She can also fly, as well as send powerful beams of light from her hands. Additionally, she can manipulate the wind and weather to do her bidding